APS SSC Clients Are All Unique – Mission Statement

We started APS SSC (APS-Logistics) to work alongside the fastest growing international companies and corporations with ever evolving business models, and in order to compete in this market we had to define a mission that would allow us to be successful in these varied business environments.

At APS SSC we have an ever-expanding business platform that enables us work with those outsourcing for the first time, or to the most experienced companies who are aware of potential issues and have the ability to anticipate and then address them as needed. We communicate with all of our clients on a regular basis, and we are driven to deliver the data you require so that your business teams can also delivering as expected.

Team Selection is critical to success.

At APS SSC we challenge our people every day to be more creative thereby adding greater value to the outsourcing business. The employees we recruit to fit into the APS mission and company are by necessity innovative, experienced and are easily identified by their personality traits and work ethic that we know are necessary to be successful at APS SSC and also the best fit for our clients too.

How We Work

1. Fine Tuning

on desired outcomes

This ensures that both parties quickly get up to speed on the point of defining exactly what the job entails, and where it fits into the bigger picture, and also how to measure the desired success.

2. Manage

current state analysis

Our team will get deep into the workflow process and all available and necessary/required documentation for the processes. We will also review what changes may be required in order to make intelligent adjustments in terms of roles and responsibilities. We can also identify and eliminate certain unnecessary processes your team may be doing that are not helping you reach your goals in an expedient manner.

3. Create

a change model

At APS SSC we can identify a variety of alternatives to the ongoing processes, and also look at the technology and people options that may produce superior conclusions. We commonly offer our clients alternative ways to begin the engagement, depending on needs and risk tolerance. We are happy to gain knowledge and then cultivate growth – while selecting a pathway that makes the best sense for the partnership’s long term successes.

4. Control


We have performed a great many of these implementations in our history. We know how to build out the best implementation plan at the appropriate level of detail for the work we are engaging in. We ensure that any technology issues are ironed out, and the correct people are hired, and that we have a strong and stable plan for training and roll-out. We encourage our clients to work side by side with our teams.

5. Endless


We are always looking forward once we accomplish a successful launch of any operational process we then immediately look for what’s next. We will always find ways to improve. Sometimes we will identify additional areas where APS SSC can help. We will also build out greater reporting channels back to our clients, so that the formal and informal information necessary for running operations is in place. We’ll regularly review our team and challenge them to continue making a bigger and bigger impact on their clients.


Our Company Values

We are Analytical

In order to render an opinion information is sought therefore we ask questions – we have an intense desire to know and understand each of our unique and individual clients and then apply this knowledge to serve you better.

We are Value Conscious

We are relentless in our search for client value for money, which we deliver through creating and operating customized solutions that make our clients more competitive and attractive

We are Open-minded

At APS SSC we maintain a flexible delivery model and consider all options when designing and executing client solutions

We are Transparent

We operate with our clients best interest as the premier objective and therefore we act as an extension of our clients business


Our Company Beliefs


The vast majority of companies are formed to satisfy an unfilled need or gap in the market. As companies find success in their endeavors these same former captains of industry and entrepreneurs and their respective management teams find themselves in a dilemma, spending less time growing their business through sales and nurturing their culture, and more time managing the “internal noise” associated with building an operating platform and putting out fires.

Platform Strategy

We believe that building an operating platform that aligns with your business strategy accelerates growth, reduces cost and increases quality. We also believe the best way to accomplish this is for business leaders to partner with experts in operations the same way they partner with firms for tax, legal and financial advice and services.


APS SSC partners with business leaders to remove the “internal noise” and get back to what inspired them in the first place – satisfying the unfilled need and filling that market gap.